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One Centralized Solution for All Your Company Support Needs.
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Don't get lost in the weeds

Our AI-powered chatbot enables users to quickly find any kind of information inside the company
Get answers from company's existing documents
Find subject matter experts for your needs
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Forget complex ticketing systems

Not satisfied with the answer? SylloTips helps you opening a ticket to the right support desk
Get suggestions for the correct support desk
Speed up the ticket compiling process

Remain into your comfort zone

Use SylloTips platform directly inside Microsoft Teams
Open and get answers to tickets directly from MS Teams
Contact experts through the MS Teams chat
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Meet our team

Our diverse, highly skilled team excels at combining technical expertise with creative ingenuity, striking the perfect balance to deliver exceptional value.
Giorgio Barnabò
CEO & Co-founder
Develops SylloTips’ AI. Runs the company & finds early adopters.
Leonardo Martini
COO & Co-founder
Develops the front-end of the web app and manages operations.
Tullio Persiani
CPO & Co-founder
Manages SylloTips' product development cycles.
Simone Silvestri
CTO & Co-founder
Oversees SylloTips' infrastructure and security.
Songle Jin
Founding Engineer
Full-stack engineer responsible for back-end infrastructure.
Eloïse Bonfanti
UX/UI Designer
Handles all UX and UI processes for SylloTips.
Leo Arcasenza
Customer Success Manager
Ensures customer satisfaction and effective follow-up.

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